Eppi Sukhu
Eppi Sukhu
| Journey within.

About Me

Eppi's work is a subtle exploration of spirituality, relationships, and human problems as expressed though nature, people, and abstraction.

"Both intimate and communal, my work is designed to uplift and evoke reflection, and, I find that I achieve this best through a meditative mindset." - Eppi Sukhu


More: founder of www.BlissfulSelf.com, Eppi Sukhu MHSc. enjoys building community capacity, writing poetry, and nature.

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Acrylic, photographic, digital, and mixed.

To Purchase

To purchase limited edition prints, originals, or to enquire about exhibitions, please email: eppi.sukhu@gmail.com or call 416-289-2638 (in Toronto, Canada). You can also get in touch through Skype via eppi.sukhu. Thanks!
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