Eppi Sukhu
Eppi Sukhu
| Outsider Art | Spirituality | Society

Eppi Sukhu

| Outsider Art | Spirituality | Society

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About Me

Art is a fusion of thought, form, and feeling with subject.
Both intimate and communal, my work is designed to uplift and evoke reflection, and, I find that I achieve this best through a meditative mindset.
- Eppi Sukhu

Themes: spirituality, society, evolution, and relationship, often expressed alongside, or within, natural phenomena.

More: founder of the wellness site BlissfulSelf.com, Eppi Sukhu, MHSc. enjoys Kriyayoga Meditation, nature, building community capacity, writing poetry, and the lifestyle of a modern yogi.


Various: acrylic, photographic, digital, and mixed. Some oil.

To Purchase

Limited edition prints: eppi-sukhu.deviantart.com/prin….

Call 1-416-289-2638, to learn how else you can make your print purchase and how your item can be shipped at a discount.

Originals and prints are usually available through infrequent art shows and exhibitions. Call for details.
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