Eppi Sukhu
Eppi Sukhu
| Journey within.

About Me

Outsider artist Eppi Sukhu describes her work as a fusion of thought, form, and feeling with subject, as well as an exploration of meditative spirituality, introspection, and relationship, as expressed though nature, people, and abstraction.

"Both intimate and communal, my work is designed to uplift and evoke reflection, and, I find that I achieve this best through a meditative mindset." - Eppi Sukhu


More: founder of www.BlissfulSelf.com, and Blissful Self Inc., Eppi Sukhu MHSc. enjoys Kriyayoga Meditation, nature, building community capacity, writing poetry, and the lifestyle of a modern yogi.

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Acrylic, photographic, digital, and mixed.

To Purchase

To purchase limited edition prints, originals, or to enquire about exhibitions, please email: eppi.sukhu@gmail.com or call 416-289-2638 (in Toronto, Canada). You can also get in touch through Skype via eppi.sukhu. Thanks!
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